Boat trip to the gulf of Orosei

Every MondayWednesday and Friday our buses connect San Teodoro, Porto San Paolo, Murta Maria and Olbia with the port of La Caletta and Cala Gonone, from where boat trips to the Gulf of Orosei depart.

This bus service is available from June 1 to September 30. In some periods, a minimum number of passengers may be required.


What you will visit with boat trips in the Gulf of Orosei

The boat trips, carried out by motorships Imperatrice, Davide, Galana and others, depart from the port of La Caletta and stop at the spectacular beaches of the gulf, including Cala Luna, Cala Sisine and Cala Mariolu. During the navigation it will be possible to admire and take pictures of the coves, such as Cala Goloritzè, the cliffs and the wonderful inlets. On request it is possible to visit the suggestive  “Grotta del Fico” caves.


Cala Luna

The wonderful Cala Luna beach, considered one of the most beautiful in the Mediterranean, is framed by steep rock walls and characterized by shady and large natural caves that provide sun shelter during the warmest months. The beach plunges into a blue and crystalline sea and a shallow seabed, which is perfect for children. The stop in Cala Luna lasts 1/1.5 hours and is included in the Davide motorship schedule. Because of navigation safety, often determined by the changing conditions of the seabed at the landing points on Cala Luna beach, the captain reserves the right to replace the Cala Luna stop with Cala Sisine or another cala of the Gulf.


Cala Sisine

Overlooking the cliffs of the Serra Ovra which descend steeply into the sea, is just as spectacular as Cala Luna and is about 200 meters wide. It is flanked by rocky ridges, while the gorge is covered by the greenery of centuries-old carob and holm oak trees. The waters are turquoise and transparent, the seabed is made of sand with clear limestone grains and rounded stones, which is ideal for those who love diving and snorkeling. The stop on the beach, which usually lasts 1/1.5 hours, is included in the schedule of the motorships Davide, Imperatrice and Galana.


Cala Mariolu

Located in Baunei area, strikes visitors eyes for its infinite shades of blue, emerald green and light blue waters. The cliff that surrounds the beach reaches 500 meters in height and falls steeply into the water, creating a dreamy scenario. The stop on the beach, which usually lasts 1.5/2 hours, is included in the schedule of the motorships Davide, Imperatrice and Galana.


Cala Goloritzè

The immaculate and wild Cala Goloritzé, Baunei’s testimonial, is one of the coastal stretches of the Gulf of Orosei where sea and mountains meet in perfect harmony. This beach is a national monument and has been protected since 1995, being the most photographed beach in Ogliastra. All motorships include a photo stop here.


Grotta del Fico (optional visit)

The suggestive Grotta del Fico, the last refuge of the now extinct Mediterranean monk seal, is formed by a magnificent set of stalactites, stalagmites, columns of different sizes and colors that surround each wall of the cave. A system of tunnels and easy passages penetrates deep into the cave, which is located inside steep cliffs overlooking the sea of the Gulf of Orosei. The guided tour of the cave lasts about an hour (800 meters walking trail along easy passages) and could replace the stop at one of the beaches.


Indicative price for boat trips:

  • The price of boat trips departing from the port of La Caletta range from €50 to €60 for adults. There are reductions for children and teenagers.
  • The optional guided tour visit of Grotta del Fico costs € 10.00 per adult. There are reductions for children.
  • A municipal environmental contribution (not included in the price of the trip) of € 1.00 is required upon boarding or during the trip.


Round trip bus fare (not included in the price) from our points of departure:

The bus (round-trip) from San Teodoro, Porto San Paolo, Murta Maria and Olbia to the Port of La Caletta and the port of Cala Gonone  leaves you 100 meters from the motorboats.

The prices of the round-trip bus ticket for La Caletta are as follows:

  • Adults: € 20.00
  • Children 4-10 years old: € 10.00
  • Children under 3: free of charge

The prices of the round-trip bus ticket for Cala Gonone are as follows:

  • Adults: € 30.00
  • Children 4-10 years old: € 15.00
  • Children under 3: free of charge


Bus departure times:

  • from Olbia airport (bus parking – stall n. 13) at 7AM
  • from Murta Maria (bus stop in front of the newsstand) at 7:10AM
  • from Porto San Paolo (bus stop along SS 125) at 7:15AM
  • from San Teodoro (via Sassari) at 7:30AM
  • from Cala Gonone (way back) at 6:00PM
  • from La Caletta (way back) at 7:15PM

The bus departure times are designed to allow you to arrive at the boarding points well in advance.


How to book the boat trip and / or the bus:

Our company only provides the bus service. For the booking of boat trips and/or boat trips with bus service included, we recommend you contact the agencies and service centers we work with. Each of them will offer you different solutions. There are many choices, one more beautiful and unforgettable than the other. We are sure you will find the one that is right for you.


• Largo E. Lussu, 20 (San Teodoro centro)
• Via Sardegna angolo via Gramsci (San Teodoro, vicino stazione bus)
• Mobile +39 339 2211398
• WhatsApp +39 339 2211398
• Web:

Shardanservice di Comida Giovanni Maria
• Via San Francesco, 9 (San Teodoro centro)
• Mobile +39 351 5934151
• WhatsApp +39 351 5934151
• Web:

Alemar Viaggi
• Via Sebastiano Satta (San Teodoro centro)
• Mobile +39 335 7683021
• Tel +39 0784 865057
• Web:


Costa del Sole
• Via G. D’Annunzio (San Teodoro centro)
• Tel. +39 0784 865288
• Mobile +39 349 3632233
• Web:


• Via San Francesco (San Teodoro centro)
• Tel. +39 0784 866205
• Mobile +39 348 4418825 / +39 347 1344654
• Web:



Are you only interested in the bus service?

If you prefer to only reserve the bus service  you can contact us directly. Call us or text us on WhatsApp: +39 327 6082563 or fill out the form below. This bus transfer service is provided in partnership with the Travel and Tourism Agency TravelBuy srl, San Teodoro branch.



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