Boat trip to the Archipelago of La Maddalena

Every Tuesday and Thursday our buses connect San Teodoro and Porto San Paolo with the port of Palau, from where boat trips to La Maddalena Archipelago depart.


This bus service is available from June 1 to September 30. In some periods, a minimum number of passengers may be required.



What you will visit with boat trips in La Maddalena Archipelago

The boat trips, carried out either by motorships, sailing ships and other types of boats, depart from the port of Palau and stop (on the beach or for a swim from the boat) in the spectacular islands of La Maddalena Archipelago, including Santa Maria, Budelli and Spargi as well as their natural pools and inlets. During the navigation it will be possible to admire and take pictures of the whole coast and of the many rocks sculpted by the wind, which have now taken on the most bizarre shapes. Some boats even go as far as to the island of Caprera. Most of the itineraries also include a stop at the port of La Maddalena, for a pleasant walk in its historic center.

Let’s see in more detail what you can visit.


Santa Maria Island

The beautiful Cala di Santa Maria beach is on the island of the same name and is located between the islands of Razzoli and Budelli, from which is divided just by narrow arms of the sea. The island has over 200 meters of extremely fine white sand and crystal-clear water. The remains of the ancient convent built by the Benedictine monks, which were the first to settle permanently in the Archipelago in the XII century, can be still found on the island. They were later incorporated into the home of the shepherd, who lives and works there. The island’s name derives from the Virgin Mary, to whom the church annexed to the convent was dedicated. From Punta Filetto lighthouse, reachable from Cala Santa Maria, you can enjoy a magnificent view of the entire archipelago and the Strait of Bonifacio. Some boats stop on the beach, others stop for photos and for a swim from the boat.


Budelli island

The island of Budelli is located a few hundred meters south of the islands of Razzoli and Santa Maria, and together they constitute the wildest part of the archipelago. Granite cliffs and dense vegetation hide coves of fine sand and blue water. This is the island where Spiaggia Rosa (Pink beach) is located, which has been subject to special preservation and regulations since 1998. Because of this, the stop on this beach is not allowed. However, it will be possible to photograph it and admire it from the boat. Moreover, in Budelli we can also find the Cavaliere beach and its natural pools.

Some boats stop in front of the beach for a swim from the boat. Others instead make their own stop on the beach.


Spargi Island

While enjoying a breathtaking view, you arrive at the island of Spargi, the third largest island of the archipelago, located on the western coasts of La Maddalena. The seabed is amazing, a paradise for snorkelers and divers. The wreck of a Roman cargo ship (35 meters long) from the 2nd century BC, found in 1939 in Corsara, is also very fascinating. Part of the cargo is exhibited at the Nino Lamboglia museum in La Maddalena. Spargi boasts very white sand beaches and a seabed with turquoise reflections, just like Cala Corsara and Cala Granara. Some boats stop on the beach (it is recommended to bring towels and umbrella with you) while others stop for a swim from the boat (there is certainly no shortage of natural pools in this wonderful stretch of sea).


La Maddalena island and its historic center

La Maddalena, the largest island of the Archipelago, has a lively, colorful historic center, immersed in the thousand scents and sounds of the sea. The port where several boats arrive from Palau is pleasantly crowded. From there it is possible to walk towards the historic center, surrounded by 18th century buildings. There you can find the town hall, the parish church of Santa Maria Maddalena, as well as many shops for souvenirs, clothing and typical products, excellent restaurants and cafes. The seafront promenade is beautiful and romantic, and from there it almost seems to be able to touch the islands nearby.

Some boats do not stop at La Maddalena island.


Indicative price for boat trips:

  • The price for boat trips departing from the port of a Palau start from 50 euros for adults. There are reductions for children and teenagers. The types of boats vary, from motor ships to sailing boats, to exclusive yachts, to inflatable boats with a skipper. There is plenty of choice.
  • Upon boarding or during the trip, the payment of the municipal tax of a maximum €5.00 per person (not included in the price of the trip) is required.


The prices of the round-trip bus ticket are as follows:

The bus (round-trip) from San Teodoro, Lu Fraili, Montepetrosu and Porto San Paolo to the port of Palau (about 70 km) leaves you 100 meters from the motorboats. It is also possible to depart from other bus stops, for example near hotels, residences, etc. and, if the stop is among those available, there is an additional charge.

  • Adults: € 25,00
  • Children under 12: € 12,50
  • Children under 3: free of charge
  • Extra-charge for departures from hotels / residences: € 5,00



Bus departure times:

  • from San Teodoro center (Via Sassari) at 7:30 AM
  • from Lu Fraili (bus stop at S.S. 125) at 7:35 AM
  • from Montepetrosu (bus stop at S.S. 125) at 7:40 AM
  • from Porto San Paolo (bus stop at S.S. 125) at 7:45 AM
  • from hotel / residence at 7:00 AM
  • from the port of Palau (way back) at 6:00 PM

The bus departure times are designed to allow you to arrive at the boarding points well in advance (by 9:30AM).

The bus will only wait for the arrival of the boats that are expected to finish the trip and arrive at the port of Palau by 5:30PM. Please check this part before making a reservation for the bus.


How to book the boat trip and / or the bus:

Our company only provides the bus service. For the reservation of boat trips and/or boat trips with bus service included, we recommend you contact the agencies and service centers we work with. Each of them will offer you different solutions. There are many choices, one more beautiful and unforgettable than the other. We are sure you will find the one that is right for you.


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• Web:

Shardanservice di Comida Giovanni Maria
• Via San Francesco, 9 (San Teodoro centro)
• Mobile +39 351 5934151
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Alemar Viaggi
• Via Sebastiano Satta (San Teodoro centro)
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Costa del Sole
• Via G. D’Annunzio (San Teodoro centro)
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• Mobile +39 349 3632233
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• Via San Francesco (San Teodoro centro)
• Tel. +39 0784 866205
• Mobile +39 348 4418825 / +39 347 1344654
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Are you only interested in the bus service?

If you prefer to only reserve the bus service (round-trip from San Teodoro to the port of Palau) you can contact us directly. Call us or text us on WhatsApp: +39 349 4453924 or fill out the form below. The bus transfer service is provided in partnership with the Travel and Tourism Agency TravelBuy srl, San Teodoro branch.




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