You can visit La Cinta beach or the beaches to the north and you can move even if you live in Coda Cavallo or in the villages near  the S.S. 125 Road.

La Cinta beach

La Cinta

240 meters from our stops you will find the most famous beach in San Teodoro: La Cinta. 3 kilometers of white sand and crystal clear water inserted into Marine Protected Area of Tavolara Porto Coda Cavallo.

The San Teodoro Lagoon will be the frame of your days, site of community interest. You can make your excursions in kajak or raft, with or without skipper or dedicate to doing the kitesurf and the windsurf.

Your beach services:

  • info point;
  • bathing establishments;
  • bar and restaurant;
  • hygienic services and showers;
  • free and paid parking;
  • rental boats and rafts.

Resale near the beach: Info Point of the Tourist Office.


Lu Impostu beach

Lu Impostu

The bus stop is 50 meters away from this beautiful beach to the north of San Teodoro, and can be reached from the village of Lu Fraili. The panorama will surprise you and just wait for you down by the bus, clear water, white sand and on the background the Tavolara Island. Passed a small ford you arrive on the beach and after 1 km walk will easily reach Cala Brandinchi beach.

Your beach services:

  • bar;
  • restaurant;
  • bathing establishment;
  • free and paid parking.


Cala Brandinchi beach

Cala Brandinchi

Extraordinary beauty of this beach is worth the 1250 m that you will make to reach it. It looks like the Polynesian beaches. You will have , in fact , felt to call “Small Tahiti”. For its characteristics it is known like one of the most beautiful beaches in Sardinia and to the eighth place of  classification of the most beautiful beaches in Italy

Your beach services:

  • bathing establishment;
  • bar;
  • hygienic services;
  • pinewood;
  • parking to payment ;
  • rental boats and dinghies.


Porto Coda Cavallo

Cala Suaraccia beach

Cala Suaraccia

From our stop in Porto Coda Cavallo,  reached from the crossroads of Lutturai, you can arrive to Cala Suaraccia, known also like the “Farfalle” beach. About 800 m walk will bring you to this beach in front of the islands of Tavolara and Molara.

Your beach services: 

  • bar;
  • hygienic services and showers;
  • bathing establishment;
  • parking to payment.


Salina Bamba beach

Salina Bamba

Other accessible beach from Porto Coda Cavallo, about 700 m, is the beach of Salina Bamba. Once reached the village and following indications will be simple to find this sandy beach, once site for the extraction of sea salt.


The city center

Il centro cittadino

From our stop in the parking bridge (via Gramsci) after just 700 m (5 minutes walk) you will be in the city center.

Arrived in center you can admire the murales of Luigi Castiglioni, the churches, the characteristics buildings of the past and the modern open air bar and restaurant.
Buy in the different and varied business activities or, the Friday morning, in the weekly market.

Ask information on the territory at the Tourist Office and satisfies your thirst of culture with a visit, in the morning, to the Sea Museum that contains the history of San Teodoro with its exhibits and  naturalistic section.

Discover the traditions and the typical products of Gallura in the various places and restaurants. You have an embarrassment of riches!

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